What if you could have the keys to your own kingdom that unlock ideas and creativity?

Artist of the Spirit

microdose coaching


 Have you wanted to try using sacred plant medicine
to help you move forward in life but didn’t know where to start?
If you’re an empath the idea of doing this kind of work in a strange location surrounded by strangers sounds unappealing, right?
That’s awesome! You can stay right where you are, we can do this one-on-one or via zoom.

Open the Gateway to Expanded Awareness

Embark on an incredible voyage of self-exploration, delving into the profound depths of your consciousness.

In the realm of psychedelics, misconceptions often cloud the true nature of these substances and their potential benefits. Today, we shed light on common myths and provide accurate information to foster informed discussions about these mind-expanding compounds.

🚫 Myth 1: “All Psychedelics Are Dangerous” 🚫

Reality: While misuse and irresponsible use can be harmful, psychedelics used responsibly and in controlled settings have shown promising results in therapeutic settings, aiding in mental health treatments and self-discovery.

🚫 Myth 2: “Psychedelics Are Highly Addictive” 🚫

Reality: Unlike addictive substances, psychedelics generally do not lead to physical dependence. They are often considered non-addictive, and their potential for misuse is lower compared to other drugs.


🚫 Myth 3: “Psychedelics Damage the Brain” 🚫

Reality: Scientific research suggests that psychedelics, when used responsibly, do not cause long-term brain damage. In fact, some studies indicate potential neuroplasticity benefits and neural growth.

~Dana Harvey, Flourish Academy


The field of possibilities open up in the process of coaching. Layer this deep work with the magic of micro-dosing and KA-POW!

Learn practices to identify stuck patterns, integrate new magic thoughts, and build a new inner dialogue.

Artist of the Spirit Coaching can help you break through layers that block your connection to your soul purpose. Imagine what life could be living more fully with a creative mindset.


Individual Sessions ~*~

$120 per session (typically 60-90 minutes)
$660 package 6 sessions

Creative alchemy begins with identifying shadows. The idea of the “shadow self” was popularized by psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung, and according to neuroscientist and author of “The Source” Tara Swart, Ph.D., it’s composed of the parts of yourself that you reject. But even so, they manifest as part of your personality often unrecognized as part of the default mode network. This is the part that runs your inner program. It’s the lens in which you see the world around you. The goal is to help you build new tools to activate conscious attention, connecting to your joy in situations that might normally cause you to devolve. Utilizing micro-dosing can help speed up this process exponentially. Having a guide to help you learn about yourself, and integrate new teachings is transformational! Would you love to be part of the magic of life?

Together we will explore:

  • Tapping in to your Intuition
  • Freedom from unconscious shadows
  • Accepting your Strengths
  • Stepping into Self Actualization
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • …various other tools may be intuited during your custom session.

Course Offering

Artist of the Spirit

Level 1

This six-week course will be a fun experiment in intuition, alchemy, tarot, meditation, and weekly artistic infusions. You will create 1-3 small pieces of art as touchstone pieces for your integration of our work together. Layer this with microdosing practice and you have an incredibly transformative experience.

An artist is always looking at the way light and dark interact when creating a piece. What would that piece of art be without highlights and shadows? Flat. There is much to learn in those shadows that give depth to a piece. That translates into a great metaphor for how the Artist of the Spirit uses tools to balance the shadow and the light for a balanced and a harmonious life.

Shadow work has become somewhat of a cliche in the healing world. Or it may be viewed as something frightening. It can be if you are not aware of it operating in the background of your mindset. It’s behind motivations and decisions you make everyday. You may have experienced shadow work with a professional healer in the past and removed some layers. But there are many layers and discoveries to be made in this work. It’s about the play between the dark and the light. Without balance one may be running the show.

True balance is the doorway to owning your power.

Limited to 6 students.

6 weeks for $630

Taking applications
Evenings via Zoom


Meet your guide

Samantha Bachechi is an NLP Practioner, Modern Mystery School Initiate, Munay Ki Initiate, Dream Coach, Reiki Master, Fundamental Herbalist, and Artist of the Spirit who loves to play in the quantum gap of all possibilities. She has made it her mission to heal with sacred plant medicine to experience breakthroughs since 2015.

I invite you to meet me in the liminal space to discover if Artist of the Spirit Microdose Coaching is a good fit for you.

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