A Step Ahead Adoption

When A Step Ahead Adoption contacted me years ago, I didn’t realize it would be a relationship in the making. The owner Diane and I bonded almost immediately. We had several things in common. We were both Geminis, and we had exceptional children. At first Diane hired me to just do her logo and a brochure. With time, I convinced her to allow me to redesign her website that had been poorly done by a dentist with some spare time. Eventually, I redesigned the first logo, and redesigned the second website. I know, it sounds complicated. The moral of the story, however, is simple. We found a great connection, that blossomed into a lasting partnership that led to an evolving identity for her business.


This is the latest iteration of the website.

One of my first divi wordpress sites. This was designed in 2011.

I don’t even remember how I built this website. It could have been in Dreamweaver.