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Jai Guru Deva

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Feel called to your work from a higher source?

Feel something is missing in your business?

Crave a powerful meaning behind your business symbolism?

Identify as a lightworker?

This is where

Co-Creation gets real.

The Stars Are Aligned.

Help is here. Creative Medium, Ltd is a distinctive boutique graphic arts studio at the base of the Rocky Mountains helping soul-preneurs add more meaning and intention into their business identity.

Connect Deeply.

The Creative Medium formula begins with using specific tools to help you connect the fire burning in your heart – to the spirit of your business. PLUS we co-create as a team with a 13-Sign Sidereal Astrologer to offer a powerful blueprint for your purpose which dovetails into your business identity. We are your mystical A-Team.

Give It Voice.

Your touchstone congials through intentional art aligned with your purpose, to illuminate your business spirit. This helps you emotionally engage with your logo and your audience. We’ll co-create something completely unique, infused with elements of personal power.

You Are

• A new Entreprenuer starting to flesh out your idea and need an inspirational boost
• An established business who would like to work off some of that karma with a fresh spiritual makeover
• An introverted or empathic business owner
• Transitioning from career to purpose

ancient instincts healing arts

This is your place and time! Together we can help discover your purpose, address patterns in your chart, transmute energy, and move forward with a fresh new intention and a new identity for your light working entity.

By the way, I hit the period on that last sentence at 1:11.

In addition to graphic design

Creative Medium offers

⚡️Light Infused⚡️

website hosting and wordpress design 

What if you could have your website hosted on a platform dedicated to infusing healing light into the internet?

More information coming soon

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