My Why

I have read the books, you know the ones. I took the business classes too. I also took the Brian Tracy courses. But I could never get my hooks in the work or build my business. Networking at the business groups left me feeling disempowered and small talk left me exhausted. Why? Because I am an empath. I feel deeply. That left me feeling uninspired, unworthy and hopeless.


If that weren’t enough, business planning was too technical and left brain. It felt unattainable. Those books and classes left me feeling even more confused. And quite frankly turned off of business in general. Now I know why. It boils down to ALIGNMENT.

 I realized this system wasn’t working for me. I needed to find a way to realize my fullest expression. But this seemed so unattainable, like it was a mystery locked away in the cosmos.



I took the leap and invested in myself on a different level. I FELT it was time.

• First I invested in microdose coaching with my mentor Sarah Hope.

• Second I invested in Star Code Coaching/Sidereal Astrology for Empaths with Cat Bobo-Chavez.

• Third I invested in learning Munay Ki becoming an initiate through my mentor Cat Marquez, Ancient Instincts.


Microdosing was super effective at helping me shed my ego. It helped the seemingly impenetrable veils (layer after layer) lift to reveal patterns and mindsets that were keeping me stuck. My coach gently guided me to reconnect with nature, my breath, and possibilities.

In her Rainbow Bridge Munay Ki course, Cat Marquez weaves in universal concepts from quantum physics, to chakra systems, to sacred geometry with Munay Ki. Her toolbox is based in Meso-American teachings handed down for centuries.

Then BOOM chaka laka!  Enter Cat Bobo-Chavez with her amazing insight. It wasn’t until I invested in Star Code Coaching, that I started to awaken to my calling. I was not aligning with what comes naturally for me. I am very spiritual and organic and… that is by design. For the first time an astrology chart makes sense. I have constant AHA moments! I’ve never felt more aligned with my soul purpose than I do now.

I count my blessings for all these women who were either my teacher, guide, cohort, mentor, or my friend in this lifetime:

Barbara Ortscheid, Mic McAllister, Denise Linn, Sheryl Berry, D’Esta, Astara, Chris Linn, Cat Marquez, Sarah Hope, Cat Bobo-Chavez, Turu Marx, Michelle Mourges Marx, Heather Yablonski, Rani Maez-Archuletta, Alix Moore, Christine Agro, Elizabeth, Ann Michelle & Paige (Women Circling the Earth), Kimberly Carlisle, Sylvia Griffin. 

Thanks to how you embraced me,
I can embrace my default mode which is…

Law of Attraction meets Bewitched.


Hi! I’m Samantha

I want you to have connection to your super powers. The same feeling I have for my life and business can be yours too. 

I have come up with a system to help you connect with your purpose and your WHY for creating your business. Then I want to help you co-create the spirit of your business using archetypes and lots and lots of joy.


  • AAS in Commercial Art, Pikes Peak State College, 1997
  • Certificate in Advanced Marketing Design, Sessions College of Design, 2010
  • Bachelor of Science, Parapshychic Science, American Institute of Holistic Theology, 2014
  • Gateway Dream Coach, The Linn Academy 2011
  • Reiki Master Level, Usui 2014
  • Herbal Foundations, Sage Apothecary 2019
  • Munay Ki Initiate, Ancient Instincts 2021
  • Microdose Mentor, Sarah Hope Coaching 2023


She rolls her eyes… “Yep, I have a few of those lying around collecting dust.”

I have always considered myself to be spiritual, not religious. If I have a religion, it would have to be this aspect of myself: I have been one who follows signs like guideposts…religiously. If I don’t do this, I don’t thrive. 11:11 on the clock is an event at my house.

It was during meditation that I first had the vision for my flaming logo. The heart coming out of the fire is the beginning stage of the alchemical process. “But logos aren’t animated,” said my inner voice. I squashed that voice down and I proved it wrong.

I am a hippie child. Having been born to young parents and growing up in the 70’s grooving to the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd, how could I be anything else? The innovative art of the era remains my main influence.

What makes them so special is that they often have hidden meaning. For instance, posters promoting concerts in the 60s and 70s were designed to confuse parents, but the hippie kids knew to look deeper into the images to find the specific information hidden within. I’ve always loved art that makes you work to find hidden meanings. That’s why I put personal touches into everything I design.


She says, “I mean, look at this stuff!”

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