Who is the Creative Medium?

I founded Creative Medium® in 2007, to serve those clients with businesses of alternative vision. My clients often feel as if they are “called” to do their work. Over the years I have come to learn that I am a lightworker. Consequently, those are the business owners I love to serve most.

With the current climate, we are bearing witness as more people, out of necessity, have redefined how they earn a living by tapping into something more creative within themselves. There is a definite need for this niche in the advertising and marketing world.

Advertising is important for a business to thrive, but it is missing something super personal. Yes, the bottom dollar is important but what about the deeper WHY behind your motivation to start your business?

✨The divine Spark✨

What I’m trying to say is, there is a life behind the business logo. That life has a backstory. That backstory is why you came to this earth, at this time. It’s in the stars. It’s in your DNA.

I believe

in the power of co-creation

 to help illuminate the spirit in your business.


  • AAS in Commercial Art, Pikes Peak State College, 1997
  • Certificate in Advanced Marketing Design, Sessions College of Design, 2010
  • Bachelor of Science, Parapshychic Science, American Institute of Holistic Theology, 2014
  • Gateway Dream Coach, The Linn Academy 2011
  • Reiki Master Level, Usui 2014
  • Herbal Foundations, Sage Apothecary 2019
  • Munay Ki Initiate, Ancient Instincts 2021
  • Microdose Mentor, Sarah Hope Coaching 2023


She rolls her eyes… “Yep, I have a few of those lying around collecting dust.”

What is the spirit of MY business?

She is a playful alchemist who loves to experiment with colors, textures, and spaces. She transmutes energy, interpreting symbology, and weaving in metaphorical meaning into her process to crystallization of the final product.

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